Personal Injury Lien/Lop Funding


Medical Funding Specialists offers practical funding solutions for healthcare providers throughout the nation by arranging the purchase of aging personal injury liens and letter of protections (LOP) from Personal Injury cases. This easy funding alternative ensures that money is available to your practice or business, rather than being tied up in collections. This funding method helps reduce both the risk and the expense of accepting personal Injury cases, and allows the healthcare provider to concentrate on business, not spend time dealing with collections.

When a personal injury medical practice grows, a large portfolio of liens and LOP’s held against the cases is maintained. This creates work as you will need to track, negotiate and collect on these liens and LOP’s held. Sometimes you may not get paid or it takes an extended time period to get paid. You need to have a skilled staff to negotiate with the attorney and collect the money. That is where Medical Funding Specialists offers solutions. We fund these cases quickly, give you back control of your cash flow and ultimately, you reduce cost associated with billing, follow-up, lien tracking, invoicing and collecting.

Even attorneys can benefit from our medical funding solutions. Many times it is hard to locate medical providers that will service an attorney’s clients on a lien or letter of protection. Our funding model and approval process allows attorneys to work with their preferred medical provider and allows the provider to receive reimbursement for services in a timely manner. We respect the relationship between medical practices and the attorneys that refer them to us.

Bridge the gap between services provided and reimbursement for those services.

Medical Funding Specialists offers customized medical accounts receivable funding exclusively for the healthcare industry. Medical funding that utilizes your accounts receivable, a non-performing asset, to transform your cash flow into a solution for generating working capital.

• multiple offers
• exclusive funding sources: private and institutional
• HIPPA compliant
• uncomplicated qualifying documentation
• continuous or one time funding
• quick qualified offers

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