No Fault Insurance

“No-Fault” Insurance Claims

No fault insurance applies to automobile accidents and personal injuries in “No-Fault” law states.
Funding is not available for all “no fault” states and is currently available for the states of New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Florida for any type of medical provider who bills PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and/or “No Fault” insurance. Medical providers will receive the best rates/highest rates on their “No-Fault” account receivables.
Our rates are one of the most competitive rates in the industry, and the funding approval time is one of the fastest, requiring minimal information: satisfied references are available.
Medical Funding Specialists will review the receivables and there are no contracts or any financial commitments. In addition, all information is secure and HIPPA compliant.
 Surgical centers
 Orthopedic surgeons
 Hospitals
 Neurosurgeons
 Pharmaceuticals
 Physicians
 MRIs
 Chiropractors
 CT Scans
 Physical Therapy

A medical provider can receive a rate between 30% to 50%. The specific rate is dependent on: types of treatment, billing rate and collection and no fault settlement history. Usually, it takes about 7 days to 10 days to receive funding for No Fault A/R. Ongoing funding is immediate and can be done on a daily basis before or after treatment. We also assist providers in additional referrals to grow their business The minimum funded is about 50K Monthly in No Fault Claims, and at least 100K in aged No Fault Claims.

Medical Funding Specialists offers customized medical accounts receivable funding exclusively for the healthcare industry. Medical funding that utilizes your accounts receivable, a non-performing asset, to transform your cash flow into a solution for generating working capital.

• multiple offers
• exclusive funding sources: private and institutional
• HIPPA compliant
• uncomplicated qualifying documentation
• continuous or one time funding
• quick qualified offers

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