Medical factoring is determined solely by the medical provider’s ability to generate bills (invoices) thereby providing access to capital. There are no limits – you grow, you factor. The health care industry is bogged down by growing accounts receivables and faces difficulty in keeping tracks of invoices and the billing process. Accounts receivable factoring is a fast emerging solution to this specialized sector.

Medical factoring or medical accounts receivable funding means selling the accounts receivables accrued by the healthcare provider. The claim owed to the provider by the medical insurance carrier is the accounts receivable.

With the medical receivable funding the healthcare provider can realize the benefits of fast and continuous cash flow to stimulate the growth and expansion. Medical accounts receivable funding offer an effective funding solution to healthcare providers, including:
• hospitals,
• nursing homes,
• physicians,
• oral surgeons,
• home health agencies,
• durable medical equipment suppliers,
• hospice services,
• rehabilitation facilities,
• dialysis,
• imaging and surgery centers
• medical laboratories and
• medical transport providers

When you sell your medical receivables, you turn your insurance carrier invoices (Medicaid, Medicare, or HMO-PPO) into cash.

Medical Funding Specialists offers customized medical accounts receivable funding exclusively for the healthcare industry. Medical funding that utilizes your accounts receivable, a non-performing asset, to transform your cash flow into a solution for generating working capital.

• multiple offers
• exclusive funding sources: private and institutional
• HIPPA compliant
• uncomplicated qualifying documentation
• continuous or one time funding
• quick qualified offers

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