Healthcare Provider Benefits & Challenges

The medical funding process using accounts receivables, uniquely allows providers to customize a medical receivables finance program to meet their specific needs and work within their existing financial framework. Medical Funding Specialists provides cash flow solutions with unlimited funding resources, a flexible and debt-free funding program and an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of healthcare providers. Medical Funding Specialists can help you bridge the gap between medical services provided and reimbursement for those services.
Medical accounts receivable funding offers:

  • debt-free working capital

  • improved cash flow

  • quick cash infusion

  • cost of funding does not vary with changing interest rates

  • availability of funding grows with patient volume without re-applying for additional financing

  • unrestricted use of funds to best meet your business needs

  • increased financial flexibility: assets are not used as collateral for a loan and

  • a healthier balance sheet which can reduce the costs of borrowing while maintaining debt capacity

Healthcare providers can reduce their dependency on borrowing as their sole form of financing by utilizing medical funding. It can be customized to effectively work with other financial tools to meet your fiscal requirements, whether they are short-term cash flow needs or long-term capital programs or whether you are in growth mode or fiscal stress.
Since medical accounts receivable funding provides a predictable and steady cash stream, not dependent on lagging reimbursements, your financial plans can be more effective in generating sufficient working capital and is less subject to the strains of fluctuating revenue cycles. Healthcare providers have found that by using Medical Funding Specialists, their medical receivables can be a productive asset rather than a cash flow obstacle to growth and profitability.

Funding solutions that quickly deliver cash:

  • quick, qualified offers

  • multiple offers

  • exclusive funding sources: private and institutional

  • HIPPA compliant

  • uncomplicated qualifying documentation

  • continuous or one time funding

Whether in expansion mode or fiscal stress, healthcare providers are faced with a growing number of challenges, including:

  • daily working capital needs

  • lagging reimbursements

  • reduced payments

  • spiraling costs

  • denials from payers

  • changing technology

  • increasing patient demands

  • reduced access to capital

  • restrictive banking policies

  • HIPAA mandates

  • regulatory policies

  • electronic medical record requirements

  • increased demands on cash flow and

  • modernizing facilities

Success in meeting these challenges depends upon maintaining a consistent cash flow and having access to sufficient working capital to support fluctuating revenue cycles. A healthy solution to the fiscal demands created by these challenges is medical funding.


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