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Healthcare providers, with the endorsement of their financial advisors, have found that by using our solutions, their medical receivables can be a productive asset rather than a cash flow obstacle to growth and profitability.

A commitment to satisfaction and the resources and expertise to support the growth of healthcare providers has made Medical Funding Specialists a success in the medical funding marketplace. Our funding process uniquely allows healthcare providers to customize their medical receivables finance program to meet specific needs.

Medical Funding Specialists has cash flow solutions including: unlimited funding resources, a flexible and debt-free funding program and an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of healthcare providers. In short, the experienced team to offer the medical funding solutions to make your healthcare organization a financial success story.

Simply put, through your third party claims, medical accounts receivable, and with the flexibility of our funding, you can: meet payroll, upgrade technology or add staff; finance a new service or product line; expand marketing programs to generate new business; improve facilities or train staff to increase productivity; reduce costs through operational improvements; accelerate capital programs to improve ROIs.

Whatever your healthcare niche or working capital requirements, Medical Funding Specialists can provide funding solutions to meet your needs

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Contact us for a no cost evaluation and solution.