Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Financing the provider’s patient accounts receivable is one way to generate needed capital. Instead of waiting to receive reimbursement from third-party payers for healthcare services or goods provided, receivables financing allows providers to get a portion of that money sooner, thus accelerating cash flow.

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Medical Funding Specialists has a deep understanding and working knowledge of the healthcare industry, its industry specific regulatory requirements, and cash flow challenges. With our qualifying evaluation, the valuation we put on your claims will be higher, increasing the amount of funding you are eligible to receive. 

Additionally, the availability of funding grows with patient volume because we fund on a claim-by-claim basis so you have the flexibility to customize the program to meet your cash flow and working capital requirements.

Funding solutions that quickly deliver cash:

Medical Funding Specialists are experienced in dealing with HIPAA regulatory requirements, understand the valuation and contractual issues associated with third party payers, and are dedicated solely to healthcare funding. They are seasoned financial and factoring professionals who know your business and will assist you in developing the most cost effective funding solutions to meet your needs

After your initial evaluation and application, there is no lengthy re-application processes or waiting periods. To remain successful, profitable and competitive the Medical Funding Specialists funding offers the solution with the infusion of working capital necessary for growth and success. In effect, we can become a funding partner that understand your business.

Healthcare providers are using this debt-free funding to accelerate cash flow by turning receivables into working capital and putting cash back into your business or pocket. Providers have other cash flow options, including:

• medical factoring
• personal injury settlements
• workers compensation claims
• No Fault Insurance

Medical Funding Specialists offers customized medical accounts receivable funding exclusively for the healthcare industry. Medical funding that utilizes your accounts receivable, a non-performing asset, to transform your cash flow into a solution for generating working capital.

• multiple offers
• exclusive funding sources: private and institutional
• HIPPA compliant
• uncomplicated qualifying documentation
• continuous or one time funding
• quick qualified offers


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